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This article is about gamchi. If you ever wanted to find out more about Thailand and dating girls from there, this is for you. Read more of gamchi: A Thai Woman's Story (Vietnam) and The Thai Man's Guide to Thailand

This guide to Thailand is based on my many years of studying and living here in Thailand. It is not a complete or accurate representation of all the locales in Thailand, but instead an attempt to explain the local culture from a more Thai perspective, and as such, I welcome any feedback/suggestions that would help me to improve this guide.

Thailand is a country known to many Americans for its hot, humid climate, its nightlife, and its abundance of cheap food and drinks. As with most countries, Thai food can be more complicated to explain than Americans are used to. Some of my favorite Thai dishes are fried rice (thai: bok choy), hotpot, and thai noodles, but this guide will not cover all the different dishes. The goal is to cover the most commonly seen Thai dishes, so if you have any recommendations for other Thai dishes, let me know. A Thai woman's experience in Thailand will vary quite a bit from woman to woman, so I don't assume that every Thai woman will have the same experiences as I do. As with everything in Thailand, there are many variations. One example is the way that most men treat Thai women when they first meet them. Most Thai men will have a Thai accent, a slight twang to their voice, and will often wear a suit (especially for a western man). A female Thai, on the other hand, will be more likely to wear a casual, "dumb blonde" outfit that looks more like a casual outfit that would be worn by a guy you would run into at a bar. Some Thai women are more reserved and will usually dress modestly in comparison. Thai men will usually approach a Thai woman, but may not make any advances. Most men will just ask her if she's with a western guy or if she is single. Most Thai men, however, will be more interested in getting to know the girl's friends before they make a move. Some will make moves if they have a reason to, while others will only approach a girl that she's interested in and will be a little more selective about whether or not to approach her friends.

A male Thai will often be very polite to foreign men and girls, and will often speak Thai. When in the presence of a Thai man, you should never underestimate his intelligence and his ability to read a situation on your face. If you can't read his face, it's most likely he's a total noob. Thai men will not take their shoes off. If you're Thai and you see them in a Thai clothing store, you should immediately assume you're dealing with a foreigner, since most men wearing t-shirts and jeans don't go for that. Many men who come to Thailand from abroad will speak Thai well, but most will speak only basic English and are quite clumsy at speaking in other languages.

It's not unusual to find Thai men with an odd amount of tattoos on their bodies. It's actually fairly common for some Thai women to get the tattoos before they have even arrived in Thailand. The tattoos tend to be for personal reasons, and have nothing to do with any social status you might have in Thailand. Tattoos are often left untreated because the Thai women consider the appearance of their body to be so important that they would be willing to risk the possible repercussions of an unwanted pregnancy or other health problem by getting them done. Thai men will often be seen in t-shirts and shorts or in their underwear, or even if they're not wearing anything, they will probably wear socks and pants. If you notice that a man has a shirt on underneath a pair of shorts, that man is probably in the army, but other than that, he's probably not very happy. Thai men are a fairly conservative bunch, and will often wear white or red shorts. When they do get a bit more conservative, they will usually wear a shirt with the same white or red as their underwear, but they will also wear socks or a pair of pants in that same color. When they take off the underwear and put on their socks, it's because of the fact that they need the socks. They may not need the shirt, but they definitely will not want to let the pants slip off. You'll see some very odd underwear-clad men, and even some guys who don't even have any socks on. This is the typical look of a Thai man: When the first one wears a white shirt and white shorts, you can guess that he's a guy who's just starting out in the world of dating. You can also guess that he's probably from Thailand. But the fact is that if a Thai man walks into a bar or a coffee shop, he'll get attention. His friends, his parents, his colleagues, and even strangers will notice him. And they'll all give him a few chances to prove himself. Then it's off to the party.

The Thai man who talks a lot and walks a lot. He's like a person with a lot of opinions and beliefs. And his friends will have to decide if these beliefs are worth listening to. How many times are you going to try to talk with a man who looks at you funny? But is it really worth being rude or making fun of? And what will happen if they say something they don't think you want to hear? The man who is the most humble and generous person you will ever meet. People will ask him to do things for them, and he'll gladly do them. He'll even offer you a free meal! A man who takes care of his family and doesn't give out the stuff. He's like the kind of person who would have a huge dinner for you if you asked him.