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My first friend is on his way out of Thailand and I was excited about meeting up with him and his girlfriend. He didn't seem so thrilled by the meeting. The girlfriend was a pretty cute girl, but when it comes to the guy's side, it was hard to get past that fact that she had been with him for a while. "What is the matter?" he asked me. "Do you think that you're getting something out of this?" I told him that I did not. "What about her?" he persisted. "What about me? You think that I have any special place in your heart?" I think I'm getting better at saying no. My first job out of college was with a small, independent online magazine. I remember walking into my boss' office and asking him to get a copy of the magazine for me. He looked at me, puzzled, and said: "You know, you really can't afford to buy it in the magazine store. I'll order one for you. You just sit there, relax, and wait." It was an amazing way to show me that I could be a part of something that was worth fighting for. I had two years of experience as a freelance writer and a couple months later, I landed a job at a magazine called "The Daily." We were all getting the same pay, and it was all very simple. We were supposed to send in the "ideal" cover design for each issue, and I'd just come in and copy-edit. I did it for $600, which was almost enough to pay my rent and my own bills. There was no more pressure than what I was used to dealing with in Japan, and it was very good. I knew how to write, and even when you're just doing freelance writing, you have to be in the right place at the right time. I learned to trust my instincts and to put in the effort to get a good story that worked. I got to meet some interesting people, learn about the society there, and see if I could write about it. The problem was, that I had no idea what kind of story to write about. At this point, in Thailand, my only experience with writing was in my native English. So I wrote all the content myself. Then, I found out I had a book I needed to write about a Thai girl who wanted to go to a Thai-style bar and find a Thai-style girl. At the time I was in the US and was able to take the time to get the book. So, I took all my skills and knowledge about writing and made this Thai girl's life look and feel simple, even though it was far from it. It has been so, so, so rewarding to do this, to see this girl's life, to read her thoughts, to have her say "thank you" to me, to be a part of her life, to share all this with her. I am so thankful to have found this book and for all that it has given to me. It is truly a privilege to be able to do that.

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